A Sober Companion, or Sober Coach is an emerging, effective form of assistance to help people with drug and alcohol problems find a solution and achieve a rewarding productive life.

In recent years, the acknowledged fact that a person who has solved their own alcohol problem is uniquely qualified to help another with the same difficulty has been extended. A Sober Companion allows those seeking help to have a professional in recovery offer their special services to the newcomer in their home, or while traveling, without interruption to their daily life .

In early recovery one benefits greatly from constant attention, caring, friendship, learning and guidance. Until one is stable and strong in sobriety, and has learned to use the tools they are being handed, a constant Sober Companion can provide the support necessary to make it through the day without drinking or using. Alone, without a strong support, people who have succumbed so often to the urge to drink (or use) will inevitably do so again.

A Sober Companion is a person committed to his own sobriety, experienced in working with newcomers, trained in the methods to stay sober, and with a clear understanding of the pitfalls that lead to one more drink. With empathy and good communication skills the Companion will be effective escorting newly sober charges through their day, gently immersing them in new practices, information and thought patterns that facilitate finding joy in a sober way of life.

Most folks struggling to find a way out of excessive drinking and using end up feeling isolated, lonely and frustrated. They tend to dig the hole they are in deeper and deeper over time. The sober companion is that wonderful bridge up and out of that hole, ending the isolation and offering an understanding ear and voice. Alone we repeat the pattern of fear leading to escape; together we can break the old habits. The goal of Sober Companionship is to become unnecessary. He or she can be replaced by a fellowship of like- minded people in recovery.

For those who cannot or will not go into a residential treatment program, or those returning to their old environment from treatment, a Sober Companion is that invaluable person to guide and support you back to a sober, productive and fulfilling life.