A poem written by Mark Langford

Mark Langford, Writer. The author is a PsychologyTree.com freelancer. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. All works are charmingly non-edited nor influenced in any way by Psychology Tree.

I have passed my sports leadership award also I have level 3 in teaching and level 3 in therapeutic skills. I have completed the wolf medicine course with nature therapy CIC. I have run across the back bone of the isle of wight a route called the Dragon leyline in England. I love the gym and keeping motivated I also like to motivate others I have been in recovery for 4 years 4 months just over. I have delivered ACT workshops (acceptance commitment therapy). I have been an volunteer for a number of organisations and I’m now in full time employment as a recovery worker. I enjoy writing stories and Poems and my Passion is to help as many people as i can get into recovery and live a life of freedom from there addictions and mental health challenges.

I thought I found the answer when I found drink and drugs, it took away the pain it took away the dark. I never felt alone I had a friend for life one that would not argue and cause me trouble and strife.

This went on for years my friend and me we ruled we thought that we had everything, we felt ten feet tall. Then one day I snapped I ended on my back my friend had all but left me an enemy on the attack.

I carried on using, abusing my so called friend, I was in the darkness waiting for life to end. The pain was there to remind me that I was alone my friend was not my friend it was a mighty foe.

It took me past the edge where normally you find peace, all I felt was suffering I was overcome buy grief, please someone help I’m stuck I’m all alone the fear is all around me the pain I now call home.

Then one sunny morning on May the 1st I recall, I was sitting down and starring at my wall. I started to wonder why – my wall it touched the sky, i believed I could climb it i wanted to know why.

With a heavy heart I gave it all I could, I started moving forward like they said I would, I started climbing slowly untill I found my feet, I was meeting new people and they were happy for me, I walked into a meeting and shared all that I could. A story of survival a story from my heart.

Recovery is a journey one full of friends and hope, we share our storries wisely to give others hope, addiction is a killer one that kills the soul, recovery is the answer it helps you to be strong and bold.


In recovery since 1/5/2013