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How people are using the award winning documentary Written Off?

Molly Hermann, Writer. The author is a freelancer. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. All works are charmingly non-edited nor influenced in any way by Psychology Tree.

Educational tool for staff, patients, loved ones and community outreach nationwide.

Showcase screening at the Louisiana Behavioral Health Symposium, with director Q&A 6/19/17

National nonprofit ”I Hate Heroin” at the Mindframe Theater Dubuque, Iowa 6/25/17

DC Premiere at the Newseum, with introduction by Rep. Ann Custer (D-NH), panelist Ana Marie Cox, moderated by NBC 4 News Anchor Wendy Rieger 6/27/17

Marine City Teen Center fundraiser at the Mariner Theater, Michigan, with director Q&A 6/30/17

University of Arkansas Center for Prevention & Training screening, with director Q&A 7/19/17

Matt Edwards was the Bridget Jones of addiction -­ instead of cigarettes, drinks and pounds he chronicled every hit, milligram and his constant struggle to stop. Written Off is to addiction what the movie Philadelphia was to AIDS – challenging stigma and shame by humanizing an epidemic.

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