Check out this especially incendiary article:

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“Digital Pill Raises Concerns: The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved an antipsychotic medication (Abilify) in pill format with an embedded sensor—a digital pill. The sensor, activated by gastric juices would transmit data to a patch worn by the patient. The patch would collect the data (date, time and other health information) which then can be transferred to a mobile device via the Bluetooth wireless protocol. The patient can consent to the doctor and up to four other people to receive the data. However, the patient can revoke access at any time. The goal of this system is to have better patient outcomes by helping the patient to “stick with taking their medications correctly”.”


The drug Abilify [btw, it has been out for at least a decade even though the article; that  will be used to treat schizophrenia. It’s unbelievable. This unfathomably complicated medication is falls in the antipsychotics class of meds, such as the nefarious Seroquel and risperidal, both of which have been hit by tons of class action suits recently; the former (Seroquel had an astronomically high incdence of perhaps the worst side effect ever, i.e., gynochenmastrea [colloquially referred to as “bitch tits”], which has got to be one of most evil of all side effects – I’m pretty sure I spelled it wrong, but you get the point).

The drug in question is an atypical antipsychotic, almost imposible to tell the difference between Abilfy and the others, except that barely and pharma will just not stop coming out with slight vsristions; I’d estimate that more antipsychotics are approved, distributed and marketed each year more than any other class, including the SSRIs.

Even more absurd is the company that came up with this digital pill – the drug in question i.e., Abilify, has been around for at least a decade. The pharma company responsible for manufacturing it, “Proteus Digital Health” has been around for less than one year, which means it was formed for the sole reason of inventing a new ingestion method of a single antipsychotic. This has got to be the most desperately pathetic stupid, and absurd move I’ve read about in a long while, and given the fact that said company is already shady for two huge reasons, (1) They’re a pharmaceutical company, which makes them inherently sketchy and public reviled; and (2) The way it went about filing their company. I’ve got to find them and read the articles of incorporation and business model plan required to be filed with the SEC on a yearly basis.

The prospect of interviewing doctors, pharmacists and, most definitely, the people listed in the company’s SOS page as officers would be awesome. I’d rip them to pieces without them being any wiser.

I believe this story is a great representative one to serve as an example of how egregious big pharma really is, and the info is coming from (I assume) a reputable and objective publication.

I love this story as it’s one of the most absurd and damning articles I’ve ever read throughtout the 15 years and thousands of articles I read on the relationship existing between psychotropic substances and humans.